Q: What's your best piece of writing advice?

A: I am definitely no expert. But. Just about any advice that works for one person, or even a lot of people, won't work for everyone, so my best piece of advice is be leery of advice.

That said, my favorite piece that was imparted to me and that I like to pass along is "Don't be high maintenance." That is--there are a lot of things you might find Nice while writing, like your favorite kind of tea in your favorite mug with your preferred music playing, but if you're going to write For Serious with an eye toward publication, it pays to be flexible, write whenever you have an opportunity, and consider these Nice but not Necessary.

Q: Which came first, Sophie Biscuit your cat or Sophie the protagonist of the Unraveled Kingdom trilogy?

A: This is where I confess that I'm really just that uncreative, and accidentally named my main character and my cat the same thing, completely unintentionally.  But technically, Sophie Biscuit came first by several years.

Q: I'm sorry, did you say chickens?

​A: You betcha.

(Asked Frequently or at least Sporadically)

Q: Where did you get the idea for TORN?

A: Buckle up for the nerd alert! I am a historical costumer and living history nerd, and was researching late eighteenth century jackets called “caraco.”  It’s a really interesting time, sartorially speaking, and we have many fashion plates and extant garments that survive to study and learn from. As I was digging into a set of fashion plates, I realized that they were produced in the years leading up to and during the French Revolution—and found myself wondering, if a seamstress could influence the outcome of major world events, how would she? Anyway, things devolved from there. And no, I usually don't have quite so clear a "where did you get the idea" answer!

Q: Can I see pictures of you wearing those weird clothes?

A: Sure--and if you follow my Instagram you'll see even more because it's all chickens and sewing over there..


Q: Can I see pictures of your cats?

​A: OF COURSE! (Flossie Bobbin and Buster Kitten are both bob-tailed--they're fine! They were just born without tails.)