Rowenna Miller, Author

I write...

Epic fantasy, because I believe other worlds teach us about ours and everyone deserves to escape someplace else once in a while.  I wrote down one goal early on--I want to write someone's favorite book.  That's still my driving motivation.

What's simmering:

The Seamstress: Sophie can stitch good-luck charms into any of her couture creations--but with revolution brewing, her talents will be sought for more sinister purposes.  

Launch a Thousand Ships: Drafting a re-imagining of the Iliad set in a space colony.  Space battles and love story included.  Greek gods sold separately.

Everything in the Big Blue Notebook: I try to focus on one project at a time, but since writers are magpies (Oooh! Shiny!), I have a secret stash of ideas, sketched drafts, and outlines.  

More about writing at my blog :

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