Just a few more places you can find me...


I'm one-third of the fantasy and geekery podcast
Worldbuilding for Masochists. If you like getting really, REALLY in-depth about building a world from the ground up, rolling in some geography, history, anthropology, David Attenborough documentaries, and WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE along the way, give us a listen!

As A Podcast Guest

DIY MFA hosted me to talk about Character-Centered World Building

I talk with Sean Grigbsy about sophomore novels and men's fashion on his Cosmic Dragon Podcast

The Fantasy Inn invites me for a chat about RULE and more.

In Interviews Around The Web

A dialogue with Melissa Caruso on Book Page, in which we talk fighting in ballgowns, writing, and magic!

Some fun and photos at Debutante Ball

Interview on The Qwillery in which I talk TORN 

A chat with Jean from The Self Styled Life in which you get some insight (terror?) into my mom-writing balance.

Chatting about TORN on My Life My Books My Escape

FRAY, inspiration, and favorite books at The Fantasy Inn

Writing Talk and FRAY at Thoughts Stained with Ink

And Guest Posts 

Over at the incredible writing and publishing resource, Pub Crawl, "Everything You Need to Know About Writing You Learned in Comp I"

"Women and the Authenticity Falsehood in Fantasy" on Fantasy Cafe.

"Filth--or not?--In Fantasy" at The Fantasy InnType your paragraph here.